Kilt Measuring Guide

Measuring guides for Kilt

This is very important measuring guide for kilt. If you dont know how to measure your size then this guide is for you. It is for the newbie.

Always measure the kilt before buying it! It is definitely measure the kilt rather buying the wrong size. The pant size or trouser size always be different than kilt size. So you must know how to measure the kilt properly so you will get the accurate sized kilt.

There are following simple steps you must take it in your mind.

  1. Measure your Waist Size
  2. Measure your Hip Size
  3. Measure your Kilt Length

Step 1: Measurement Of Waist Size

It is the first step and in this step, measuring tape is needed for measuring the kilt. Put measuring tape on the tummy for fastening the kilt but do not keep tight the measuring tape. If you tight the measuring tape then you will get the wrong size.

Step 2: Hip measurement (Hip size)

It is the second step and in this step you have to measure the hip size. You should measure the widest part of the hip.

Step: Drop Measurement (Kilt Length)

Kilt Length is very important part in kilt measuring. In this important part, the measuring tape should placed at the starting point of the kilt from which you fasten the kilt and it down to the bottom of the kilt. The normal length is on the top of the knee but you can ordered large kilt size if you need. You must be erect and you can use mirror for better measurement.

Jacket Measuring Guide

  • Chest

You must be relaxed and stand erect in order to proper measure the chest size. Chest size is very important for measurement of jacket. You must breathe normally and should not fasten the jacket. Wear it like a normal shirt.

  • Waist

The waist size is also very important. You can used a measuring tape to measure the waist of the jacket.

  • Shoulder to shoulder

Shoulder to shoulder measurement is also very necessary. You can take help from the mirror or a friend.

  • Sleeve Length

You must wear a jacket in order for correct measurement of length of sleeve. For accurate measurement you can take help from your friend.

  • Back length

For back length, you must stay erect and asked your partner or friend to measure your back length properly.