There are some measures which are important for you to take care of your kilts and jackets. Follow these instructions carefully

Care Instructions :

Here are the care instructions for Kilt and Jackets which are written specially for our customers. So here you go;

1- Washing Care:

You should try to wash the kilts with your hand because it has buckles, buttons and other stuffs.

We would recommend you to dry Jackets and Kilts in moderate level sun beams which will make these stuffs more lasting.

2- Hang Dry :

Please Dont used dryer as it may harm the kilts and jackets. You should manually hang the stuffs on the rope.

3- Try not to Fix too Tight and Use Belt:

You should not too tight the kilt and always used the belt for fastening the kilt. It is necessary for our type of kilt.

4- Don’t Wash too Long:

Many people washes the clothes for long almost 2-3 hours but this is kilt, you should not wash too long.

5- Cleansing Agent:

There are many replica or cheap cleansing agent in the market which may harmful effect the color of the kilt. So you must used original cleansing agent for your kilts.

6- Take Care while Pressing or Ironing:

You must take care of kilts while pressing or ironing. Too hot iron may harmful for your kilts and jackets. You should pressed or ironed the kilts with moderate temperature.